Colors that make all the difference

To guarantee a space with color contrast, the rest of the room was composed of a wooden
panel, which is a great option to ensure luminosity. The Urban Gray color, with a burnt cement
effect, completes the environment and gives it a rustic touch. The decoration takes on new air
with the choice of paintings and plants.
Divided into two environments, the bedroom space enhances each corner and brings a cozy
feeling. The closet, with a single dresser in the center, has a touch of delicacy and modernity.
The room’s environment is expanded by a platform, which, in addition to adding value to the
bed space, has compartments to help organize books or even shoes. The color of the platform
expands to the head of the bed, and an LED strip completes the lighting of the place. The decor
has minimalist items and a lamp on each side, which makes the room even more welcoming.
To camouflage outlets and switches on the walls, the architect suggests painting them in the
same color, which avoids possible distractions in the decoration. It’s a good tip, right? For
more details, watch the 13th episode and get inspired: Infinity Pro pro painting services

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